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With truffles

Chili sauce


For all gourmets

Hot sauce

Hot sun


"Born for Burger"

Awarded Hot Sauce

Chipotle BBQ


"chipotle" is the name for dry, ripened and smoked jalapeno chili

Hot Sauce

Klasik Green


Mild and fresh pizza sauce

Awarded Hot Sauce



it goes with every dish

Sets and gifts

A colorful gang of Čili Pipp hot sauces, from mild to very hot. The perfect gift for all chiliheads!

Wear "Čili Pipp look". Cool T-shirts, 100% cotton. Also as a gift idea! You buy Čili Pipp products worth at least € 70, you get a T-shirt of your choice.

Homemade burger


Recipe for best homemade burger with Čili Pipp BBQ sauce

Čili Pipp - too hot to handle!

Since 2008

We are the first and largest producers of hot sauces in Slovenia. Many times awarded with the highest places at world competitions in America and also at home. All our hot sauces are made from home-grown chilies, without artificial additives and preservatives, with the best Slovenian ingredients.

Why are our

products smoking hot?

We are proud

We are proud of our cooperation with our bussines partners.