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Hot sauce Klasik green


Hot sauce Klasik green


This sauce is perfect for those new to the world of spicy culinary experiences. Read more

Hot sauce Klasik green 3/10

This sauce is perfect for those new to the world of spicy culinary experiences. The delicate flavor of peppers with just a smidgeon of heat make the Klasik Green sauce a match made in heaven for our more delicate customers. While more experienced chiliheads, whose taste buds allow them to down the Bhut Jolokia or Moruga sauces like sweet nectar, won’t be phased in the slightest by our Klasik Green, others will take it in as their own and regularly use it to pimp out their pizzas. The Green sauce has the distinctive taste of green chilies and peppers, and is so mild that it doesn’t need further instructions regarding dosage. It’s suitable even for momma’s boys! 

Product of Slovenia.


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  • jalapeno, 
  • paprika,
  • vinegar, 
  • salt, 
  • lime


Ta omaka pa res paše povsod. In ni premočna. Za vse, ki ne marajo preveč pekočih omak. Pri nas jo imajo radi tudi otroci. Bolj se splača vzet veliko omako, ker jo prehitro zmanjka. Bravo!


Ta omaka ima res fenomenalen okus in paše praktično k vsemu.

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