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Hot sauce Tropik



Hot sauce Tropik


Have you ever laid on a white sandy beach on a Caribbean island while your body was caressed by a warm, tropical breeze, only to realize in the evening that you’re sunburned to a crisp? Read more

Hot sauce Tropik 6/10

If you haven’t, our Tropik hot sauce is the next best thing to experiences tied to tropical climates. Mangoes, oranges, and ginger are the main fruits which will take you to a tropical paradise for at least a few moments. In fact, our sauce is even better than actually being in the tropics, as it will burn your mouth and not your skin. The moderate heat will stay with you for a much shorter time than it would due to sunburns. This sauce is great for spicing fish dishes while blasting music by Buena Vista Social Club. It’s perfect for those who want to taste the tropics, but don’t feel like being stuck on an airplane for 10 long hours. Plus, it’s much cheaper! 

Tropik hot sauce won 1. place on competition in Slovenia.

Product of Slovenia.


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  • mango, 
  • paprika, 
  • carrots, 
  • onion, 
  • orange, 
  • habanero chili, 
  • vinegar, 
  • tomato, 
  • garlic, 
  • ginger, 
  • sugar, 
  • lime, 
  • salt, 
  • spices.


Neverjetno okusno -popolnoma nov svet okusa! še iščem s čim ta omaka ne bi šla... trenutno ima samo eno pomanjkljivost - preprosto je prehitro zmanjkuje!! upam, da dobi kmalu večjo embalažo.


...................................Super omaka..................

Bojan Gregorič

Navdušen! Harmonija habanera, manga, citrusov ter ostalih sestavin je naravnost božanska, omaka je fino sladka, nežno pekoča in popolnoma gladka. Nekoliko spominja na Tajsko sladko čili omako. Vrhunsko! V nulo ste zadeli moj okus. Upam, da ni samo sezonska in da je del stalne ponudbe. Komplimenti!

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