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Why are our products smoking hot?

Home-grown chilies

We grow all chillies by ourselves.  Every year we pick up a few thousand kilograms of different varieties home-grown chillies and fresh fruits are always at hand to create new burning flavors.

Quality Slovenian ingredients

Most of the ingredients we use for the production of Chili Pipp sauces are of Slovenian origin and awarded with the highest quality awards: salt flower of Piran salt pans, homemade natural apple cider vinegar from Slovenske gorice, homemade chilies, ...

All these quality ingredients and sophisticated recipes give our sauces added value and take them to the next level!

Award-winning products

In 2011, I sent three of my hot sauces to the U.S. for a competition involving hot sauce manufacturers from around the world. All three sauces took first place in their categories - Sweet Habanero Sauce, 100% Pure Naga and Bhut Jolokia. In addition to the taste, the jury were also impressed by the natural and high-quality ingredients, without added artificial preservatives, stabilizers and dyes.

Also in the following years, our hot sauces regularly participated in major world competitions and brought home greater accolades and great places. Among our award-winning sauces are also Chipotle, Classic, Tropic, Gift ...

All natural

Our products do not contain artificial preservatives, dyes or stabilizers.

Therefore, oxidation sometimes occurs in sauces and this is proof that the sauce is natural.

Heat, taste, color and nutritional values can vary depending on the quality of the harvest!

All our hot sauces, BBQ, ketchup and chili jam are of Slovenian origin and 100% natural.

We love heat!

Check out our offer of spicy products!

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