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Hot sauce Klasik


Hot sauce Klasik


One of our hot sauces, the Klasik hot sauce, could easily be called the gateway sauce for chiliheads. Read more

Hot sauce Klasik 7/10

Klasik hot sauce is our bestseller.  Besides our Sweet Habanero sauce, it’s also appropriate for those who are just beginning to learn the wonders of chilies. Be warned though… this sauce can easily turn into a Pandora’s box, sucking you into a world where the Klasik heat just won’t be enough! Classical music goes wonderfully with the excitement this sauce causes your taste buds.

Klasik is Louisiana style hot sauce with a touch of homeliness and, like all our other hot sauces, is completely natural and without artificial additives.

Klasik hot sauce won 2. place on world competition in USA.

Product of Slovenia.


We recommend:

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  • paprika, 
  • habanero chili, 
  • onion, 
  • carrots, 
  • garlic, 
  • vinegar, 
  • lime, 
  • salt,
  • spices.


Omaka se dobro prileže skoraj vsaki jedi.

Max D.

Tomaž čestitam ti za 2.mesto na tekmovanju z omakami! Si spet raztur v Ameriki naredil,bravo !!! :)


.............................................Super omaka...............................

Alfa 33

Odlična, super okus ,tudi za tiste ki ne prenesejo ekstremno pekočih,zame je najboljša hot sun in 100% pure naga, poskusil pa sem tudi omako gift,ta pa pali kot sajeta,a še vedno kul, bravo Tomaž!

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