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Chili seed cherry bomb yellow

icon5.000 shu

Chili seed cherry bomb yellow

icon5.000 shu

Delicious and meaty chili, great for pickling, filling and as fresh .... Read more

Cherry bomb yellow seeds

Cherry bomb yellow c. annuum. 

Medium-sized plant, the fruits ripen from green to dark yellow.  The plant grows up to 1 m.  Great chili for eating fresh, filling and for soaking.  

Fruit size: 3-5 cm long and 3-5 cm wide  

In a pack 10 -12 seeds


What does mean ISOLATED or NON-ISOLATED seeds?  

ISOLATED SEEDS: plants are grown in a way where there is no possibility of pollination of flowers with other types of chillies. Therefore, you can expect a fruit with the right characteristics, from taste, shape, aroma to hotness.  

NON-ISOLATEDSEEDS: the plants are grown in a typical way, where there is the possibility of pollinating the flowers with another type of chili. The  ppd  may show other characteristics.

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