The story of our well-established brand Čili Pipp begins back in the year 2003, when out of curiosity and because of my love of all things spicy, I sewed my first few chili seeds, which were given to me by my friend and former co-worker. I was so excited by my first success in producing fresh chilies, that I immediately set up a relatively small greenhouse and filled it with various chilies. The flavorful pods, which I used for making hot sauces, were instant hits with my friends and family. Therefore, in the spring of 2010, I officially started my own business, growing chilies, making hot sauces, and other spicy products for a living. Due to the overwhelming positive response and demand from customers, I rented a larger greenhouse the very next year, and a year after that I invested in an even larger greenhouse, which is in my home town of Sv. Duh by Škofja Loka. Today, this location is home to four large greenhouses and is the location of our company.



Besides growing chili plants and pods, during this relatively short period of time, I focused primarily on the production of hot sauces and other spicy delicacies. In 2011 I sent three of my sauces to a competition in the USA, where brands from all over the world competed. All three hot sauces won first place in their categories, partly due to the fact that they have all natural and high-quality ingredients without artificial additives. Throughout the years to come, our sauces regularly competed in renowned worldwide competitions and were given important recognition and top awards. We only use all-natural and eco-friendly fertilizer for growing our chilies. Čili Pipp hot sauces are 100% natural, home-made, and with no added preservatives or other artificial additives. They are made out of home grown chilies and are made with love. Because we love spicy!


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