Legal protection

1. Legal protection:

ČILI PIPP d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and the buyer (legal or natural person) regulate mutual obligations for purchases through with these general terms and conditions. In order to resolve possible disputes arising in connection with mutual business relations between the seller and the buyer, which the contractual parties would not be able to resolve by mutual agreement, the court in Koper shall have jurisdiction.

2. Consent to the processing of personal data

Services and products from the portals of ČILI PIPP d.o.o., Slovenia, registration number: 8034877000, ID for DDV: SI95975322,  legal representative Tomaž Pipp,, which is the manager of your personal information, you can use it by validating the form that you have filled in the online store.

By mediating or by completing the required personal information, I declare that I am aware and consent and expressly authorize the manager of my personal data, ČILI PIPP d.o.o., to collect and process my personal data that I have entered in the application form for the following purposes:

Forwarding messages with advertising content for:

 • Marketing and informing purposes, including technical innovations of products, new products and services, special daily offers, benefits to payments for products and services, all news and events that are published on the Company's website.

 • I consent to the processing of my personal data by the company and I declare that I am aware of the purpose of processing these personal data for the purpose of informing me by e-mail. • manage and save your wish lists (for registered customers only)

• I am aware of the fact that at any time I can opt out / withdraw from the consent for the purpose of receiving messages with advertising content by clicking on the canceling of each route.

• I certify that I am older than 15 years and am familiar with the General Terms and Conditions for the processing of personal data, which I voluntarily gave according to my individual rights to the manager of my personal data.

 • We will keep your personal information until you are unsubscribed from our personal data collection for individual uses and routes.

The processing and safe use of your personal data will be carried out in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act ZVOP-1 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the company that declares the administrator of your personal information to be fully responsible for legal processing. We declare that we will not transfer your personal information that you have provided us outside of our personal data collection. In addition to cancelling / withdrawing your consent for individual purposes, in accordance with the applicable legislation governing the protection of personal data of the ZVOP-1 and in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, you have the following rights which you can exercise with the company by written request to

• Request for access to your personal information.

 • The requirement that you be allowed to correct and supplement personal information to the extent specified by the consent section.

 • Requirement to provide you with a report stating the purpose, when, and what kind of personal information the company has used.

• Request for restrictions on the processing of personal data.

 • You can request insight, copy, and certificate in accordance with Article 31 of ZVOP1-1.

 If you believe that your rights have been violated, you can contact the Information Commissioner. For the protection of personal data, the buyer himself is also responsible for ensuring the security of the user name and password.

3. Consumer Protection Act:

We have also prepared a link to the Consumer Protection Act where you can familiarize yourself with your online shopping rights.



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