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Growing chillies - book

Growing chillies - book

A Guide to the Domestic Cultivation of Chilli Plants. Read more

Growing chillies

Avtor: Jason Nickels

This book explains everything the chilli grower needs to know, whether they have previous experience in growing plants or not. From a single plant in a window to a large greenhouse collection, 'Growing Chillies' provides a guide to the pitfalls and pleasures of chilli growing. Advice on where and when to grow. Choosing varieties and planting seeds. Care of seedlings and larger plants. Pests and diseases.

language: Slovenian


This is what it says on the cover of Growing Chillies!
Jason Nickels has been a chilli enthusiast since they were forced
upon him in early childhood. In his younger days he made all the
mistakes a novice grower is likely to make. Luckily he learned from
these mistakes and extensive travel to South America in his 20s only
served to enhance his knowledge and experience of chillies.
His hobby grew and in 2003 he was a founder of South Devon
Chilli Farm, a commercial chilli grower and supplier of seeds and
chilli plants to domestic growers in the U.K. He has made numerous
TV appearances, written magazine features and delivered talks
on chilli growing to enthusiastic audiences. His experience and
knowledge of the challenges faced by novice and domestic chilli
growers is unparalleled.

This is my bit!

In writing 'Growing Chillies' I hope to share the answers to the questions people always ask when growing chilli plants, and give an easy to follow guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of chilli growing. Hopefully I have covered everything, and with informative photographs of what to do and what not to do, you shouldn't go far wrong. If readers have specific questions then feel free to post them on the book's Facebook page or directly to me on Twitter, I am always happy to help.

'Cooking Chillies' takes things one step further, more about what to do with your chillies, and how to cook them. You don't have to be a chilli grower to enjoy this book, all the ingredients are available from other sources so don't worry if you aren't green fingered, you can still make the most of it.

Jason Nickels


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